Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've been working on a couple of projects taking place in Jersey City. One is an INDOOR art show featuring artists that create beautiful outdoor work. It's taking place as part of Jersey City Artists Studio Tour. I'd love for fans of street art and public art murals to come see the installation. All info is on the flyer. You'll also see that I've created a new website, which is still under construction. You can go to the site and sign up for my mailing list though! I've also finally gotten onto twitter, which you can follow @madmadmedia

I've also had a new mural commissioned by Viaquenti School in downtown Jersey City, on Newark Ave. It's being painted by local artist Megan Gulick, and features a big purple octopus that's fallen in love with a yellow submarine, complete with a window that looks into the school! I'll add pictures once it's completed.

Thanks for keeping an eye on the blog. I know it's been a while since I've posted anything new, but more is coming!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The SAGE artists came back to 172 Newark to bring additional color to the whale's brick surroundings. Next time you walk by, see what new sea creatures you can find in the design. This entire piece was created with spray paint.

An update is coming soon featuring a new mural from Jersey City artist Megan Gulick...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tiger Mural by Pawn & Eyesor is complete at 172 Newark Ave

After several weekends of painting, local artists PAWN and EYESOR have completed their mural behind 172 Newark Ave in downtown Jersey City (in the parking lot on 1st Street between Jersey Ave and Erie Street, just next to the Whale mural in the previous post).

Friends hung out, listened to music, ate lots of pizza and BBQ, and showed their support while the guys painted. Neighbors and shoppers stopped to take photos in front of the wall before it was even finished. It was really great to hear all the positive comments and praise from the folks that were surprised to see wild tigers in the middle of downtown.

The Jersey City Independent ran a story on the mural, complete with artist statements, additional photos, and video from Serringe/Element Tree, which is linked here:

Please comment. I like to know what you think!
I'll also add some photos of the mural during the stages of completion soon!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Mural started by local artists...

Over the last couple of weeks, a new mural has been started in downtown Jersey City by local artists Pawn and Eyesor.

The work is created entirely freehand by spray paint, without stencils.

The artists will be completing the work over the next few weekends, weather permitting. Please come by to the site of the Whale Mural if you'd like to hang out and watch the artists create their new piece.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whale Mural by SAGE Collective. Downtown Jersey City.

I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Last month, in November 2010, I organized a new mural creation from the New Jersey based SAGE Collective. The mural is painted on a 90 foot long old brick wall that sits at the entrance of a city parking lot on Newark Ave. in downtown Jersey City.

The owner of the property was very eager to cover up the old bricks with a colorful mural. I'd been talking to Luv 1 since I first met him when he participated in the Raw Power mural show in Jersey City the year before. I've been wanting to hook him up with a project, and the timing was right for him and the SAGE Collective to come and paint a big piece in Jersey City. See their murals and other projects at their site:

Below are photos of the Whale Mural being created by Luv 1, Lank, Delve, and Kasso over the course of one weekend in early November. This is the first phase of the mural, as there are plans for the artists to come add some more creatures to the scene in the future.

I'd like to thank The Jersey City Department of Cultural Affairs, The Department of City Planning, the JCPA, and the property owner for ensuring that the creation of this mural took place safely and legally.

Please enjoy the photos below, and make sure to come to Jersey City and see the mural in person. If you are having trouble finding it, it's just across the street from Helen's Pizza.

I'm continuously looking for walls to put murals on. If you know of any, or own any property that would like to be a host wall for a mural, please get in touch with me. Thank You!

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Double Rooster" by Gaia in Journal Square

Just off of Kennedy Blvd. at the corner of Stuyvesant Ave. is a new piece of public artwork by Gaia.

The image of the rooster symbolizes strength, vigilance, and pride, which I feel is a reflection of the Journal Square neighborhood.

I'd like to thank the owner of the building, his sons, and the residents that are my neighbors for all allowing Gaia to paint this piece. Many of the neighbors did not know what was happening until we were setting up the projector. One of them watched as Gaia began working and perfectly expressed a sentiment that was one of my own initial motivations with this whole project...
"it's better than looking at a blank wall".

I'm looking forward to bringing more artists to Jersey City in the next few months.

If you know of any wall space, or would like to donate supplies, please do get in touch! I'd also like to read your comments!
Thank You!

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Gaia Public Art in Journal Square Neighborhood

Here is a sneak peek of Gaia at work, creating public art for Jersey City. He could only paint at night for this project, so for a few hours, a dark corner off of Kenndy Blvd. was illuminated by a giant rooster. It was quite the sight to see if you were driving past at 1am. (click on photo to enlarge)

Neighbors were curious and cops were concerned, as I had short notice to get all of the elements together to make this happen. I'm happy to say though that the piece was completed without any incident.

Daytime pics to follow shortly...