Friday, December 11, 2009

Nick Martin and the kids celebrate new mural!

I'm happy to announce that Nick Martin has completed his Dogs mural at the old YMCA center on Bergen Ave in Jersey City, NJ.
The center is now run by a local Police Activity League that offers after school programs for the neighborhood kids. After a couple of months of Saturday mornings, the mural was completed. The PAL put together a BBQ celebration for the new mural, which the kids got to see for the first time. The kids were super happy and many high-fives were exchanged!
You can see the mural in the YMCA courtyard on Monticello Ave between Fairview and Jewett Aves.
Thanks to the Sgt. and staff of the PAL, as well as Nick Martin, for making this mural happen.

(last photo by R. Reesa Sibayan for the Jersey Journal)

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